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Digital technologies are electronic devices, systems, devices and resources that store or process data.

Notable models incorporate web-based media, web-based games, sight and sound and cell phones.

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Teach with Digital Technologies

Digital learning is any type of education that uses technology. This can happen in all curriculum learning areas.

A Brief History of Digital Transformation

In 1948, American mathematician and engineer Dr. Claude Shannon distributed The Mathematical Theory of Communication.

—an article that later acquired him the moniker “the dad of current advanced correspondence and data hypothesis”.

Digital learning is any type of education that uses technology. This can happen in all curriculum learning areas.

Digital Technologies

History of Digital Technology

American engineers began to develop digital technology in the mid-twentieth century. … In the early 1980s, advanced fiber optics enabled the development of digital communications networks.

Advanced innovation substituted simple signs for some, broadcast communications structures, especially cell phone and link frameworks.


Without it, we wouldn’t have the information theory upon which the entire Internet is built (thanks, doc!).

But it wasn’t Shannon’s idea alone that brought the Internet into existence.

In fact, it was the invention of two extremely important pieces of technology only a decade later.

When viewed in the context of Shannon’s revelation, the world would change as we knew it.

The invention of the microchip and the semiconductor transistor that is most commonly used today enabled analog computing.

The rest is modern history.

First came the ARPANET and Moore’s Law – which still guide technological innovation today – in the 1960s.
When the ’70s hit the scene;

Home computers, space invaders, and data entry were all the rage.

While the ’80s ushered in the all-important World Wide Web and automation.

By the early 2000s; Cell phones, personal computers, and the Internet were in use all over the world.

And when it seemed that the digitization of manual and analog equipment had reached full saturation, everything changed.

To find out how the roots of the 1940s fueled digital transformation in rock businesses during the 2010s

And what it took you to reach a pivotal point (spend in the trillions, anyone?) over the next few years.

digital technologies

Digital Technologies and practices for school improvement


The point of this review was to make a model that depicts the principal components for further developing schools.

With advanced innovation and uncovers, contrasts among schools and distinguishes their prescribed procedures and difficulties.

The Innovative Digital School Model (IDI School) provides a framework for research

And also a research-based model for schools to examine their own practices with digital technologies.

Research-based model

The model combines previous research on school reform, building innovations, and innovations in education as a special case of digital technology

And learning as knowledge construction to define the six main elements that describe an innovation.

Digital School:

Digital school, visions of the school, leadership, practices of the teaching community, pedagogical practices, school-level knowledge practices, and digital resources.

It is a school approach, leadership, learning community practices, pedagogical practices, school-level knowledge exercises, and digital resources.

The model was applied to examine three basic education schools. The results show that the model worked.

We found essential differences between schools and their best practices and challenges for improvement.

This worked especially well for elements that primarily have leadership responsibility within a school.

The differences in various elements between schools were based not on the socioeconomic background but on school-level practices.

Finally, we suggest that for schools to improve with digital technology.

All elements of the model should be included in the evaluation and development process.

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