Best way to choose a camera

With rapid technology change choosing a camera for anyone can be a daunting task. This article will help how to choose a camera according to your needs and preferences.

How to choose a camera

Factors that will help you to choose a camera

  1. Application
  2. Pricing
  3. Types of cameras
  4. Technology
  5. Accessibility
  6. Image quality
  7. Brand
  8. After-sales service

Your search for the right camera can start by understanding the above list. Let’s discuss the point one by one in more detail.


The right way to choose a camera is always to know why you need the camera in the first place, for instance.

Is it for a hobby, are you a professional or you saw someone with a camera that had a huge lens and made you fascinated by it?

When and how often do you want to use it?

Will you be using it just at home for family gatherings or in a far-off jungle where there is no electricity to charge the batteries?

knowing the right reason why you want it will help you to choose the right camera in itself.


Once you know what is the reason behind your purchase you may start looking for that particular camera under your budget.

There are loads of brands that are making cameras for different budget sizes.

A camera with the same features but different brands may come under totally different budget brackets, so it is important to decide how much are you willing to spend and what features you cannot compromise on.


Well, this is the most tricky part. The rapid progress in electronics is well known, and so is the tech behind cameras. Camera manufacturers sometimes do play around with fancy names for different features of the camera, which may be more of a gimmick but are difficult to understand for a layman.

So always stick to meaningful features such as pixel quality or resolution, optical and electronic quality, optical vs digital zoom, storage transfer, interchangeable lenses, battery duration, user interface, etc.

Another important factor is the Battery, how long can you use the camera without the hassle of charging.

Types of camera

There are mainly three types of cameras today. Mobile phone cameras, DSLRs, Mirrorless cameras, and compact cameras.


Another important factor is how accessible is the camera. There are many ways one can determine it.

Size: while mobile phone cameras and compact ones are easy to carry DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are heavy and may require you to carry an additional bag.

User interface: how easy is it to click a picture? how difficult is it to use any particular feature of the camera. how difficult is the change of lenses? All these factors decide the user interface.

Image quality

Always compare images or videos of different cameras before buying it even if the camera is of a big brand. One should also look at the resolutions in which the image is being produced.


There are many trusted brands in the market for a long time now such as Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Blackmagic, etc. But you should check all the above factors first before going for any brand.

After-sales service

Always check whether you can save your investment in case of any malfunction. Quite possibly not all manufacturers are providing after-sales services in your area or nearby. So if your camera is expensive you may want to check their services well in advance.

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