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There is no way to reach the first page of search engines permanently in 2020 without SEO friendly websites. Search Engine Optimization is a relatively new science that, if applied properly, can lead an obscure business to money quickly. But if ignored, it could mean the demise of an already flourishing concept.

SEO Friendly website


This is why SEO matters for eCommerce

If Google’s page one seems too vague, here are some SEO stats:

67.7% of all traffic goes to the first 5 organic results. That's 2 out of 3.
91% of all pages never get any organic traffic from Google.
70% of marketing professionals find search engine optimization more effective than pay per click strategy.
Number one organic results achieve a 37% click-through rate or CTR.
Each place in Google search results in a 30.8% increase in CTR.

Features of SEO Friendly Websites

high-quality backlinks :

Conversely, low-quality, spammy ones can penalize your eCommerce website with downgraded search results. Oh, is that so.
Backlinks are a signal to Google that your website is popular and can be trusted.
They can be DoFollow and NoFollow, Genuine and Professional

high quality material :

Like backlinks, high-quality content is a key parameter when it comes to a search engine's ranking algorithm.

domain authority :

When it comes to domain authority, it has a formula of its own with factors such as domain age, traffic, bounce rate, and backlink power.

page load time :

40% of users only have the patience to wait for less than 3 seconds. If you make them wait any longer, they leave.
A page delay of just one second reduces conversions by 7%.

Steps to Build an SEO Friendly eCommerce Website

CMS Platform Selection: Food for Thought

Some Content Management Systems (CMS) are designed for blogging, others for eCommerce. Choosing a CMS is an important starting point for any eCommerce website development process.

It has the effect of:

The cost of the CMS solution, as well as the cost of development (some are really complex and have scarce talent to deal with, which drives up the price tag)
Features that will fill your website
Design possibilities, as many CMSs come with templates and themes ready to use.
Google rankings (some CMSs, such as WordPress, have existed for centuries and Google understands them best, while it takes time to fully understand new market additions).

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