Mathematics is a simple calculation, which tells us how to deal in our everyday life. Without mathematics, we can’t go even a single step. Mathematics has a certain quality to inbuilt reasoning power, creativity, and problem-solving ability, and even affects the communication skill.

mathematics in everyday life

Uses of Mathematics

Mathematics is in everyday life and everywhere. when we go to a shop to buy something we have the knowledge of maths. We know how to sum, divide or even multiply things. If we see the clock even we have to know about the tables.

Maths is one of the most important subjects that is used in every field. You can see around yourself that in offices, salary can’t be distributed without making a list of employers present/absent for how many days. These can be possible by calculating their days with the help of maths.

Mathematics gives the best opportunity. It helps us to know about moral values, social values, discipline, and intellectual values. It teaches us how to deal with society, and interact with people. Mathematics also increases our thinking ability, creativity, imagination power, and memorization.

Feeling Scared

these days, when children talk about maths they feel scared. Even they are not interested to do their homework. but maths is so simple to understand and even handle. we can make it easy by giving examples of daily activities. for example, whenever you send your child to get items from the shop. you have to give money to your child and asked him/her to calculate how much money we have to pay for these items and how much we get back. We add interest to it in this way.

Basic Steps in Mathematics


The sum can be calculated by arranging all the things and simply you have to add them. Or if the same number has come many times then you have to simply multiply that number by how many times they come.


The difference can be calculated by simply subtracting that number from the bigger number and you get the answer of that one.


For multiplication, we first know about the tables. If we have the knowledge of tables we can calculate the product easily.


For division, we also need the knowledge of tables. After that, you can divide it very easily.

Types of Mathematics

Mathematics has many types such as algebra, operational research, statistics, mechanical algebra, and differential mathematics. These are high-level concepts. Logical and theoretical concepts both belong to Mathematics. you can understand it in any way.

Area of Mathematics

Mathematics is interrelated with each subject. It plays important role in physics, chemistry, and other subjects. All the calculation has been done only with the help of maths concepts. It must be imported from the beginning of the day because we all have to be punctual for the office, work, etc. so we all know at which time we got our job, it is possible only by the knowledge of mathematics. If you know about geometry, you can construct buildings, roads, and bridges.


An arithmetic number is a number that is used to measure means or Average. In this, we simply divide the sum of numbers by the total numbers in the series.


The geometry deals with the lines, shapes, angles, 2-D and 3-D shapes.

Without Mathematics

without mathematics, we are handicapped. Think about it, if we would have no knowledge about maths. Then how things are going on. There is no bank, office, internet, houses, roads, etc. Even we can’t have made any type of bridges on rivers, railway lines, or in the cities.

Knowledge of mathematics is important in everyday life and in all works. Without calculation, we can not take a single step. So in simple words, we should all need to have knowledge of mathematics.


There are so many symbolic notations in mathematics. Mathematics has special features to improve your mind through logical reasoning, abstract knowledge, and creativity. symbols are easy to understand and help us to do calculations in an easy manner. There are some methods to understand the concept of maths using inductive and deductive methods.

The inductive method means to go from theory to examples and the deductive method means to go from examples to theory. Although there are many ways to understand the concept of mathematics.

Numbers- Numbers are the digits that can be used in maths to calculate. These are 0 to 9. all the numbers are made from these digits.

Real numbers

The number can be a whole number, natural numbers, integers, fractions, and regular or irregular numbers.

real number systems in mathematics

whole numbers starting from 0,1,2…..

natural numbers starting from 1,2……. so on

Fractions are the numbers that represent the part of the whole, they consist of a numerator or denominator. fractions may be regular or irregular. you can understand it by taking the example of pizza, there are four parts if you eat one part then the fraction is 1/4.

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