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It is an amazing feeling to have pets and have them all over you when playing or cuddling. However, this may not be the case when you are to welcome visitors or go out to meet people

. While your furry buddies are best in giving you warmth and joy, they are also good at leaving their hair on your clothes and basically everywhere they go.

If you want to be presentable and your home to be ready for visitors, you have to know how to deal and remove pet hair effectively.

This will not only make you look more presentable, it will also be a more comfortable setting especially for those who are not used to having pets around.

To add to the ways that you already know, we have a line-up of effective methods that you can use to get rid of pet hair.

Remove Pet Hair

Effective Best Ways to Get Rid of Pet Hair

If you know one or two ways to get rid of pet hair, here are more options for you. Feel free to choose one or more to effectively manage pet hair.

Use a rubber broom

The reason why households always have a rubber broom at hand is that because it does a great job of removing and scraping off dirt and debris. It is also great in sweeping all types of dust, debris, and other substances even in water.

The best part about it is that its electrostatic properties makes it effective in attracting pet hair from surfaces so you can be sure that this will work great to sweeping off pet hair on your floors.

A good trick for this would be to run a dehumidifier for half an hour before brushing; this increases its electrostatic properties and thereby increases its effectiveness too.

Vacuum it clean

This is a popular device for all cleaning endeavors, most especially for hard-to-reach areas like ceiling, couch folds, and corners.

Did you know that this is also a great device to keep your home and office pet hair-free? Now, you can get vacuums with the latest anti hair wrap technology which utilizes a specially-designed comb that separates the hair from other content when you vacuum. This makes vacuuming easier as it directs the hair to a separate vacuum cap.

Dampen your mop

If you have tried dampening your brush but have not been successful in getting pet hair on your floors managed, better try another method.

This brush may not have been working because you are in a place with a wet climate. In your case, the best way to do it would be to dampen a mop instead. You can also choose to do damp it with water and detergent to make cleaning extra effective.

Use a Microfiber Dust Mop

If you have been having a hard time getting pet hair off of hard-to-reach areas especially those in-between gaps of floors and other items, the best choice to go for is a microfiber dust mop.

This material is more effective in picking up even the smallest particles so don’t be surprised if you see that it has collected dust and debris apart from pet hair. This also makes a good choice because you can easily throw it off the washer to make it clean again.

Stock up on dryer sheets

Another effective way to get rid of pet hair is by using dryer sheets. You can either throw them along with your clothes in the dryer to have pet hair removed or you can simply use it directly to wipe surfaces. Its electrostatic properties will capture all the pet hair lounging in your baseboards, furniture, and more.


A home with pets also means a home with pet hair. Getting a pet to live with you is basically signing up for all the trouble you have to go through to maintain your place while keeping them.

Pet hair is among the challenging parts of having pets, hence, you should put an effort into making sure you know how to handle it.

You may have been doing one or more pet hair removing strategies in the past, but believe us when we say that the methods mentioned above are very effective.

Choose one or more among the options mentioned earlier, those will surely help you maximize your time, energy, and resources.

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