What is Fashion Designing?

Fashion design is the art of creating clothing and accessories. As an academic field of study, fashion design pulls from many disciplines, including history, business, illustration, and technology.

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How to study Fashion Design

In the fashion world, your portfolio, skills, and passion tend to be more important than where you went to school. Majoring in fashion design, however, is a great way to master designing tools and build connections. Here are steps to start fashion design-

1. Learn about the fashion design.

If you want to pursue an education in the first step is to do your homework. Research fashion history and become familiar with current trends and challenges in the industry. Self-directed learning can be a great source of inspiration. will give you a head start on your education.

2. Teach yourself the basics of fashion design.

fashion design and construction—drawing, sewing, and pattern-making—is another yourself for an education. If you can teach yourself basic drawing and sewing skills, knowledge theory,  composition, and qualities of different types of fabric.

3. Create your fashion designs.

One way to know whether or not is the right career path for your hand is at some original designs. Sketch clothing designs in your sketchbook, then identify your favorite designs that are within your skillset. Use your sewing and design skills to create and fine-tune a few pieces. Don’t expect them to be perfect on the first try—the more you practice, the better your portfolio will be.

4. Build a portfolio.

Before applying to fashion school, put together a portfolio of the work drawings of designs, and photographs own clothing line. Most undergraduate programs will require a portfolio as part of your application. If you’re applying for a graduate degree program, you will have to submit a research proposal along with your portfolio,

5. Explore specialized fashion design schools.

Fashion schools often offer a variety of majors and concentrations within the world of fashion. Coursework can cover everything from the history of to digital skills to the fashion business. Schools often employ industry professionals as professors, so check each school’s faculty. When researching schools that offer fashion designing courses,

6. Get hands-on experience.

Many fashion schools offer (or require) an internship with a fashion house. This can be a great way to gain important design skills and build connections. Take advantage of these opportunities, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a fashion designer.

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