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spirituality is not a very alien topic to us it is eternally a very integral part of our life so to put it

In simple terms, spirituality is all about realizing three aspects of our life firstly realizing oneself

that is understanding our real identity and nature second is realizing the supreme being or the

an eternal parent that is understanding the real identity and the nature of the Supreme Being

third is realizing our eternal relationship with that Supreme Being so these three topics.


Three aspects

SELF REALIZATION (first aspect of spirituality)

these days we are encouraged to research and study everything around us except inquiring who we are?.

when you ask somebody may I know who you are they are perplexed because the question is so easy and

the answer they see or they think is very easy so they identify themselves with the name they say I am so-and-so

I come from this place I have this degree and this is my profession etc.

 but the Bhagavad Gita explains that anything that changes is never eternal look for the weather keeps

changing so when I ask you what’s the temperature what’s the weather for this place you cannot

say it’s summer or you cannot say it’s winter because it changes similarly anything that changes is never our true identity

the Bhagavad-gita starts off at this point that we are not this body Arjuna is very perplexed on the battlefield of

Kurukshetra because he doesn’t have the confidence so to speak to fight with his own men. later,

Krishna explained and said the problem is within your body which always changes but the soul is eternal.

and it is our true identity.

REALIZATION OF GOD (second aspect of spirituality)

There are many things we can’t see like mind, ego, etc but they exist and also many things which do not

exist but the eyes see us like, mirage, etc. so eyes are an imperfect instrument. so how can we see the supreme

being with the imperfect instrument? according to scripture, we can see God with the will of

God. so the question is how can we realize God? according to scripture, we can realize God

by chanting his name. when we take the name of God, gradually we become perfect and God

reveals himself to us. a great man said that “don’t try to see the god rather you serve the god

in such a way that God comes to see you”.

Our relationship with god (third aspect of spirituality)

As we know we are souls and the soul is eternal. we are souls and we belong to the supreme

soul or god. the religion of the soul is to serve and love God by any religious process.

if we want happiness in our life we have to surrender ourselves to the lotus feet of the lord.

then we will become happy.

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